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Inflation fears behind rate rise?

Mortgage rates went up this week, with the average 30-year fixed rising 31 basis points, to 5.59 percent.

Job losses and mortgage rates

Mortgage rates rose slightly this morning after a worse-than-expected monthly employment report was released.

WSJ profiles ex-NAR economist

David Lereah says he was pressured by NAR bosses to put positive spin on the real estate market.

H4H lives — in theory

The feds got rid of FHA Secure, and the Hope for Homeowners program still exists — in theory.

Is the FHA a garbage can?

A reader asks “What is the difference between FHA and Fannie Mae?”

Frank to bring H4H back to life?

As the inventory of foreclosed houses continues to rise, lenders might conclude that the H4H program makes sense for them.