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Money makeover: Investing opposites

There are certain things that Charlie and Sandy Hicks love to do together – like ski, hunt and hike with their two sons near their Livermore, Colo. home. Then there are things the Hickses hate to do as a couple – like invest their money.


Good salary, no savings

Question: I make a decent salary, but I can’t seem to save any of it. By the time I’m done paying my bills, there are only a few dollars left over. I have no car payments or credit cards, but still can’t save. Help! Mike J., Manalapan, NJ

Education stocks make the grade

A 7.2% unemployment rate may be a sure sign of a lousy economy, but it can also spell opportunity for publicly traded education companies.

Gambling with your retirement stash

Question: I’m 57 and I’m planning to retire at 66. Prior to this year’s stock market turmoil my 401(k) was balanced at 70% stock mutual funds and 30% bond funds. Now it’s 59% stock and 41% bonds. To take advantage of very low stock prices I was thinking about re-balancing to 75% stocks and 25% bonds. Does this sound like a good plan or should I just re-balance to 70% to 30%?

The last stocks standing

For businesses, competing in a downturn is a lot like being in the wild, wild West at the end of a gold rush. Once the lode dries up, you have to be resourceful to survive and thrive.

Let your retirement money grow

Question: I’ve reached the age where I’ve got to start taking mandatory withdrawals from my retirement accounts. I don’t need the money, so I’m wondering where I can stash it to earn more gains and possibly get some tax advantages as well. Any suggestions? –Joe, Redondo Beach, Calif.

A guarantee, without high fees

On a recent frosty morning, as I was reading the mail and cradling a mug of hot coffee, I noticed a beautiful envelope on my desk. It was an invitation to an all-expenses-paid course at an exclusive warm-weather resort. While there, I could learn how to earn a 9% commission by selling clients an investment that offers stock market returns without any risk of losing money.