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Money makeover: Investing opposites

There are certain things that Charlie and Sandy Hicks love to do together – like ski, hunt and hike with their two sons near their Livermore, Colo. home. Then there are things the Hickses hate to do as a couple – like invest their money.

Good salary, no savings

Question: I make a decent salary, but I can’t seem to save any of it. By the time I’m done paying my bills, there are only a few dollars left over. I have no car payments or credit cards, but still can’t save. Help! Mike J., Manalapan, NJ

Education stocks make the grade

A 7.2% unemployment rate may be a sure sign of a lousy economy, but it can also spell opportunity for publicly traded education companies.

Gambling with your retirement stash

Question: I’m 57 and I’m planning to retire at 66. Prior to this year’s stock market turmoil my 401(k) was balanced at 70% stock mutual funds and 30% bond funds. Now it’s 59% stock and 41% bonds. To take advantage of very low stock prices I was thinking about re-balancing to 75% stocks and 25% bonds. Does this sound like a good plan or should I just re-balance to 70% to 30%?

The last stocks standing

For businesses, competing in a downturn is a lot like being in the wild, wild West at the end of a gold rush. Once the lode dries up, you have to be resourceful to survive and thrive.

Let your retirement money grow

Question: I’ve reached the age where I’ve got to start taking mandatory withdrawals from my retirement accounts. I don’t need the money, so I’m wondering where I can stash it to earn more gains and possibly get some tax advantages as well. Any suggestions? –Joe, Redondo Beach, Calif.

Benefits on the chopping block

As the recession deepens, companies are looking for ways to cut costs without cutting staff — and that could mean scaling back on benefits.