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13 smart retirement moves in 2009

After an awful end to 2008, it’s time to rethink your investments for retirement in the coming year. But don’t stop saving. It’s always a good time for that.

Supersize Social Security

Social Security benefits are straightforward, but here are three ways for seniors to perform financial do-overs later in retirement.

Solving refinance challenges

Want to refinance? Here are tips to help you overcome negative equity, inadequate income or poor credit.

Moonlighting is a ray of hope for debtors

Living lean and still coming up short? Taking a second job may give you the income boost you need.

Foreclosures high on Obama priority list

Foreclosure prevention will stand near the top of Barack Obama’s domestic priorities when he assumes the presidency.

Borrowers look for mortgage modification

Homeowners who can’t pay their mortgage can get a better deal from the lender. But it’s a complex process.

What do builder warranties cover?

For homebuyers, there’s much to be wary of these days in the world of new-home warranties, says the Real Estate Adviser.